Our Story

How We Met

Melissa and Patrick met in Kelowna in 2010 while they were both attending university at UBC Okanagan (UBCO). Patrick was in his second year of his mechanical engineering degree and Melissa was doing her first year of nursing. They weren’t introduced to each other until late January, but Patrick’s friends had been telling him about this girl, “he just had to meet”.

They first ran into each other at a school function. Patrick’s friend Kimiya spotted Melissa walking in with her group of friends and rushed Patrick over to introduce him. As with most first encounters, especially one as forced as this one, it was a little awkward. Eventually though, they were able to break away from both sets of friends to enjoy the function on their own.

The night ended and Patrick didn’t end up asking Melissa for any of her contact information. The only thing he knew was that she was roommates with their mutual friend Paola. Unfortunately, Melissa left Kelowna not long after to go home to Surrey for two weeks because of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So Patrick waited for two weeks for her to return, all the while talking to Paola about Melissa to try and learn more about her. When Melissa returned to Kelowna, Paola messaged Patrick and he rushed over right away to see her.

Towards the end of that school year, Melissa told Patrick that she wasn’t sure if she’d be returning to UBCO the next year. She said there was a possibility that she could transfer to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). So when move-out-day came, Patrick couldn’t help but feel sad about her departure. He had just met this amazing girl, and just like that she could be exiting his life just as quickly as she had entered it.

During that summer break in 2010, Patrick visited Melissa numerous times. Through the kindness of friends and family, Patrick was always able to find a place to stay during his visits. That summer was the beginning of their long distance relationship because Melissa transferred to BCIT located in Burnaby, B.C. and Patrick remained at UBCO.

In February of 2014, Patrick found a job and moved to Surrey. Melissa and Patrick’s long distance came to an end and were able to enjoy a regular relationship. They enjoy going to concerts, vacations and family trips. In July of 2018, Patrick took Melissa on a trip to Kelowna to celebrate their anniversary. On the last night of their trip, Patrick took Melissa to dinner at her favourite restaurant, the Hotel Eldorado. It was there, as the sun was setting, where he walked her out onto the dock and proposed.

Over the years, Melissa and Patrick have shared many of life’s milestones together. They have celebrated each other’s successes and have been there to support one another during life’s trials. All of the travelling, experiences and time spent together has allowed them to build a relationship that they believe is ready for the next step in marriage.